Maybe this is the first church website you've visited...or maybe it's your 100th.  Either way, you've probably noticed the word "connect" being used alot.  You just clicked on avariation of it! 

"Connect," "join," "plug into," "get involved," and a couple dozen other verbs are used to convey one simple thought:  we want you to become part of something great!

Yeah, we've used those words, too...and throughout the site to be sure.  We've all found a wonderful connection (there we go again) at Sycamore that we really think you might find it equally as fulfilling, warm, caring and uplifting.

So give us a shot...stop by some Sunday...join us online for worship at 10:45...explore our site a bit more...or drop in and have a chat with any of us.  No matter which way you choose, we're pretty sure you'll have a great experience.