SPC DEACONS - Ministers of Care, Compassion, and Hope


To support the Pastoral care staff in ministering to members of the SPC congregation who are:            1) in need, 2) suffering from illness, 3) friendless, 4) in distress or despair


The Deacons committee will help our faith community better connect with the heartbeat of Sycamore Presbyterian by being a service model for ministering and sustaining resources that provide compassion, care, and hope to those in need.

New Deacons Fall Educational Series starts October 13 at 9:45am


Studies show that parents are the most influential people in faith formation of their children.  

In response to those studies, the SPC Deacons have scheduled programming for all families and friends of SPC to discuss this issue. 

The series is entitled "Nurturing and Sustaining Children's Faith through a Church-Family Partnership" and will be held during the 9:45 AM  Connect Hour in the Chapel.

Series events include: 

  • October 13 - "Nurturing and Sustaining Children's Faith through a Church-Family Partnership" - Special Speaker, Reverend Leslie Van Milligan, an ordained minister of the Christian Reformed Church and a subject matter expert on Faith Formation
  • November 17 - "Growing Young:  Helping Young People Discover the Love of the Church"
  • December 1 - "Why Millennials are the Hope of the Church"

Join the Deacons and be part of these inspiring events!

Deacon of the Month  

  • November :  Lin Spaeth & Bill Barnhill

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For more information on the work and programs of the Deacons, please contact Dianna Jimenez at 513.617.6549 or diannajimenez14@aol.com