Legacy Giving

“The world asks, ‘What does a man own?’ Christ asks,
‘How does he use it?’”
Andrew Murray (1828-1917) South African evangelist and writer


Christians respond to God’s matchless generosity through gifts of time, talent and treasure. In keeping with the multifaceted character of stewardship, Sycamore Church offers members and friends several charitable opportunities in addition to regular tithes and offerings.

Sycamore’s Legacy Gifts Program is designed to honor loved ones in a meaningful and memorable way while also providing funds for special/non-budgeted ministry needs.

There are two types of Legacy Gifts:

  • Memorial Gift– Memorializes departed loved ones. Memorial Gifts are generally established by the family of the deceased, who choose the way the gifts will be employed (see Legacy Gift Fund Options below). Once a Memorial Gift fund is established, anyone can choose to honor the departed by making a contribution of any size.
  • Honor Gift – Honors special living individuals and occasions. Anyone can establish an Honor Gift fund by making an initial contribution. Typically the honorees are asked to choose how the gift funds will be employed. Here too, once the Honor Gift fund is established, anyone can choose to make a contribution of any size

Many families choose to establish a Memorial or Honor Legacy Gift fund to offer friends and family a charitable alternative to sending flowers. (Legacy Gift donations, like all contributions to Sycamore, are tax deductible.)

Notice of the establishment of Memorial and Honor Gift funds will be made via the SPC monthly newsletter. In addition, special Memorial Gift donation envelopes will be made available at funerals for attendees who wish to contribute. A list of participating donors will be provided to the family of the deceased.

The names of both Legacy Gift honorees and donors will be listed in Sycamore’s Annual Report, thereby creating a lasting record. (For privacy, donation amounts are not listed, and donors can choose to remain anonymous.)


As indicated above, the families or individuals who establish a Memorial or Honor Gift fund can designate how donations are to be used. The fund choices are:

  • Annual Fund – Donations are used in total for current ministry needs. Currently Sycamore’s Session recommends that all Annual Fund gifts be used to help retire the building fund debt.

Alternatively, you can choose a need from Sycamore’s Annual Gift Ministry Needs List. These are non-budgeted needs that the church has identified as current ministry priorities. (Note: If donations exceed or fall short of the chosen need, those establishing the fund will be contacted to select an alternative use.)

  • Endowment Fund – Gifts provide a permanent, growing source of income to support various approved ministry needs. The Endowment Fund is comprised of three sub-funds that target specific ministry areas: General, Missions and Scholarship. Undesignated gifts are added to the General fund. You can learn more about Sycamore’s Endowment Fund here.

The following graphic illustrates the available Legacy Gift options:

Sycamore’s Senior Pastor will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or help you establish a Legacy Gift fund.